Business Studies

Business Studies at Settle College is a very popular and successful subject. Business Studies is one of the most interesting, relevant and varied subjects available. Business is all around us and we are all consumers who are impacted by business or government decisions.

Newspaper and television headlines offer continual reminders of how important the business world is to us all. In recent years much attention has been directed to issues such as fair trade, business ethics, global warming and the credit crunch. Television programmes like “The Apprentice” and “Dragons’ Den” show how exciting it can be to be involved in business.

Our aims are:

  • To develop entrepreneurial and enterprise skills of our students
  • To provide a practical insight into the world of business
  • To equip our students with the necessary skills and qualifications to succeed in later life

Business Studies Department Curriculum Intent

OCR Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing

This course can help you prepare for further and higher education. You will become skilled in making decisions, being creative, solving problems, understanding finance, dealing with data, communicating and working as part of team. This course could lead to work in a business-related profession such as accountancy, law, marketing or the leisure and tourism industry. Students can go on to study at A Level Business or the Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate.

For this course it is important for us to link with local small business and students benefit from speaking to successful local entrepreneurs.


Cambridge Nationals - Enterprise and Marketing Level 1/Level 2 - J837 - OCR

Student quotes:

“It is helping me develop new skills so I am able to work in business.” Current GCSE Student

“We are learning how real businesses are run”

“We undertake various activities, we don’t just write things down, we have discussions and learn on the computers which is more interesting”

“Business is very challenging but it is so relevant and different. I enjoy the debates we have and I am learning that there are often two arguments to every decision taken by either business or government”

Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate

Awarding Body OCR

Useful Websites 

Cambridge Technicals Business Summary Brochure

This course really provides a close look at how business work. By working closely with local business such as Skipton Building Society, Piccalilly, Angus Fire, students are able to see for themselves the challenges and opportunities that business face. The course is modular with 5 units. Two of the 5 units are examined and the rest are assessed externally through portfolio work.

Over the years, this course has been very successful with many gaining the top Distinction* grade. This resulted in many going onto study Business at universities like York, Northumbria and Lancaster. Others found apprenticeship opportunities. 

Subject Staff
Mr S Murphy (Subject Leader)

Student Comments

We get to look at Business in more depth than GCSE, focusing on specific examples.

I am enjoying how varied the lessons are. We work independently on some tasks but in groups on others. I am becoming more confident in expressing my ideas.

Course Requirements
5 GCSEs Grade 5 or above
Students do not need to have studied Business before.

Course Description
Each year of the two year course is made up of units which develop and introduce new business topics.

Unit 1 – The Business Environment*

Unit 2 – Working in Business*

Unit 4 – Customers and Communication

Unit 8 – Introduction to Human Resources

Unit 19 – International Business

How will I be assessed?
*Unit 1 and 2 are assessed by an external examination lasting 2 and 1½ hours respectively.

Students can progress from this qualification to go to Higher Education courses such as Business Management, Business Administration, Accountancy and Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Retail Management, Tourism Management and International Business.  Alternatively, there are a wide range of careers ranging from Banking, Sales, Product Management and General Management to working in Public Sector organisations or charities.