At Settle College we have excellent relationships with our feeder primary schools and work together to provide the best educational provision for the young people of North Craven. Our feeder primary schools are as follows:

Ingleton C of E Primary School, Bentham Community Primary School, Austwick C of E Primary School, Giggleswick Primary School, Settle C of E Primary School, Long Preston Primary School, Hellifield Community Primary School.

As a group of Head teachers we meet every half-term to discuss collaboration and the sharing of good practice to support students across North Craven.

Primary and secondary colleagues work closely together to ensure smooth transition from secondary school to primary school. Examples include:

  • Maths colleagues have been working together to ensure methodology between primary and secondary school is consistent.
  • There are close links between Special Education Needs staff to ensure the right support is put in place for students moving from primary to secondary school who have additional needs.
  • Settle College Maths staff and Sixth Form students have run workshops for primary schools in many of our feeder schools through the last few years.
  • Our Sixth Form students use their enrichment time to go to local primaries to offer help.
  • We have run Mini Olympics in previous summers for students from our feeder primary schools.
  • In the past, we have worked with primary schools leading to some primary students appearing in our annual Drama production.
  • Settle College students visit primary schools to give talks about their experience at secondary school for example our visit to Settle Primary school where Year 11 girls talked to students about winning the National Rugby League Championships.
  • This year, we have worked hard to maintain the connections throughout the school closures.

Northern Lights Teaching School Alliance

We are also a strategic partner in the Northern Lights Teaching School Alliance. This enables us to be part of a wide network of schools offering a unique range of opportunities for aspiring and serving teachers and leaders.  Please click on the link below for more information about the Northern Lights Teaching School Alliance.

Northern Lights Teaching School Alliance