Pastoral Care at Settle College

At Settle College we want every student’s experience to be a happy and rewarding one, and have a network of pastoral care strategies in place to support our students and ensure that any concerns are quickly addressed. Every student is allocated a tutor, with whom they will meet at least once a day. We see good tutoring as the essential core to pastoral care.

Our business is to maximise students’ attainment and achievement. Every student is set new and challenging targets based on their achievement at their previous school, these targets are then reviewed at regular times throughout each year. Should a student’s progress fall significantly below our expectations, for any reason, we will discuss appropriate action with both with the student and their parents, to help them to overcome any problems and get back on track. The Student-College-Parent partnership is an essential element to all our work.

All students are set home learning tasks and these are recorded on Arbor. The amount and type will vary with the subjects they are taking. This work is of great importance and must be done fully and regularly. Parents are asked to assist with this by providing a warm, quiet place to study, if at all possible. If your son or daughter has difficulties with home learning, please tell the tutor so that the matter can be attended to. Parents are asked to check that home learning is being completed via the Arbor parent portal.

At Settle College we pride ourselves on the care, guidance and support we offer to students beyond the classroom. If you have any queries or concerns regarding your child there are a number of people that you may wish to contact. For any general concerns or information please contact your child’s Form Tutor in the first instance. Our Learning Managers oversee students' academic progress and our Heads of Year oversee any behaviour, attendance or social issues.

Learning Managers:

Learning Manager Years 7-9: Mrs N Jones
Learning Manager Years 10-11: Mrs A Coulson
Head of Sixth Form: Mr T Bayram

The Heads of Year team are:

Mr Gareth Paisley (Deputy Headteacher)
Mrs Joanne Isherwood (Attendance Officer and Head of Year Support)
Mrs Charlotte Lambert (Head of Years 7 and 8)
Mrs A Jennings (Head of Years 9 and 10)
Mrs G Walker (Careers Officer and Head of Years 11-13)


At Settle College we place great emphasis on rewarding both work and effort as often as possible. This can be in subject areas or in tutor time. Staff recognise students’ positive attitudes, contribution to the community and helping other students, and in addition to oral feedback and praise, staff will award housepoints via Arbor.

In addition to this, staff are asked to nominate students each month to acknowledge their contribution at school. All nominated students will receive a letter home to inform parents of their nomination, and the winners have their names displayed on the “Student of the Month” noticeboard in the school reception area. The categories for nomination are “Student of the Month” (one for each house), a Community Award and a half-termly Technology Award, to reflect our Technology Specialism. We also nominate students each year for the Diana Princess of Wales Award for community service.

Housepoints are recognised in Rewards Assemblies.  Certificates are awarded to students who have been awarded 50 (Bronze), 100 (Silver) or 150 (Gold) housepoints.  A coloured metal badge is awarded when students achieve further housepoints: Green (200); Blue (400); Red (600); Yellow (800); Purple (1000).  Students who achieve 1500 housepoints receive a voucher to spend.

Half termly assembly recognises and rewards the form with the highest number of House Points, and rewards are presented. The form with the highest annual number is rewarded with a Form Breakfast in tutor time. In Years 7 and 8 the individuals with the highest half termly totals are also invited to lunch with the Principal. In Year 11 the “Passport to the Prom” rewards a student’s positive attitude and commitment to school values.

A good work ethic throughout the year is rewarded with a group rewards trip at the end of the academic year, and individuals are recognised at our Senior and Junior Prize Giving events.  Noticeboards and electronic screens around school celebrate student achievement, and their success is also commended through the College Newsletter.  If you have any queries regarding rewards please contact Heads of Years.

There is increasing concern in schools nationally about incidents of e-bullying via text, email and social media sites. Parents are asked to be vigilant over their son/daughter’s use of such sites. It is possible to put very tight controls on your Facebook page which blocks access to all but your own “friends”. (See also our Keeping Safe Online page.)

We monitor our school email system, and school emails containing offensive words or phrases are immediately re-directed to the monitoring staff for appropriate action.

If a student brings a mobile phone/electronic device into school it must be switched off and out of sight. Staff will confiscate mobile devices they see and it will be kept in Reception.  If this is the first incident, they will be allowed to collect it at the end of the school day.  If a mobile phone/device is confiscated a second time, it will again be passed to the Student Services team, who will contact parents/carers to arrange collection from Reception.

Liaison between the College and parents forms one of the strengths of the pastoral system. In line with government policy, the College operates a formal Home/College agreement (see below). Parents are asked to sign this agreement when their child joins the College. We encourage parents to contact us if they feel we are not fulfilling our obligations. Similarly, we would normally contact parents if there is any specific cause for concern.

The College will:

  • Ensure that each student is valued as a member of the College community.
  • Provide a balanced curriculum to meet the individual needs of each student.
  • Contact the parents if there is a problem with punctuality, attendance or equipment.
  • Contact the parents if there are concerns about their son/daughter’s work or behaviour.
  • Set, mark and monitor appropriate home learning.
  • Communicate regularly with parents about general College matters and about their son/daughter’s progress in particular.

The student will:

  • Attend College regularly and on time.
  • Work hard and try hard.
  • Arrive at registration and lessons on time and with all necessary equipment.
  • Be well behaved, courteous and thoughtful to others, observing the College’s code of conduct.
  • Maintain a satisfactory study planner.
  • Complete home learning properly and on time.
  • Contribute fully to the life of the College.
  • Conform to the College’s uniform policy.

The parents will:

  • Ensure that their son/daughter attends College regularly, on time and with the proper equipment.
  • Notify College of any problems that might affect their son/daughter’s work or behaviour.
  • Support the College’s values, code of behaviour and uniform policy.
  • Offer support for their son/daughter’s homework and encourage independent work habits.
  • Attend any meetings and discussions about and, where appropriate, with their son or daughter.
  • Take an interest in their son/daughter’s life at College.
  • Ensure their son or daughter has a suitable place to study at home.
  • Everyone should act with courtesy and consideration towards others at all times.