Install Microsoft Office At Home

All Settle College students and full time staff are able to download and install the latest version of Microsoft Office under our Office365 subscription. The subscription allows you to install Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices (PCs or Macs).

Please note that the software requires you to be signed in with your College email account for this to work and remain licensed.


Step 1

Log into your email account by either going to

At Settle College webmail logs you in automatically, however at home you need to provide your full email address and password, for example:

Email Address:
Password: MyPassword

Staff should note that their email address is different and will be first initial . surname rather than username.


Step 2

When you have successfully managed to log into your email account click on the "Office365" button in the top left:


This will take you to the Office365 landing page which includes all of your available online apps and also the download link for Microsoft Office:


Select a download location on your computer and save the installer. Then follow the instructions provided by the Microsoft Office package:


Step 3 

Wait for the install to finish, this can take some time depending on your Internet connection:


When the install has completed you should see the following screen. There are a few more options to complete before it's ready to use.


Step 4

We now need to activate and sign into the Office programs. Firstly, open any of the new Office applications and accept automatic updates as shown:

Now choose what file types you would like to associate with. To maintain better compatibility with work created in school choose the option shown:

When you have done this you should see a window telling you that the product has been activated. As advised restart any open office applications:

Now we need to sign into the programs with your school account. In any of the Office applications click the link shown below. You will find this in the top right of the application window:

The above link will require you to sign into the application, this works the same way as signing into your email from home as we did earlier. Enter your full email address, then click next.

This will redirect to our sign-in page to associate with your school account:

Again enter your full email address and password to complete the sign-in process.