Student Leadership

At Settle College our aim is to develop a culture of leadership with students and teachers working together to lead and manage change.

Some of the opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills at Settle College are:

Student Learning and Teaching Group

Two students are selected from each Tutor group to represent their peers. The students selected have the opportunity to review policies, express their views and ideas and they are also engaged in teaching and learning research projects. Most recently, the group have reviewed the Learning and Teaching Policy and are developing one of their own research projects- ‘How Important is Presentation to Progress?’.

Cross Age Tutor Programme

Students in Year 11 take part in the Cross-Age Tutor programme to facilitate and develop the learning of students In Year 7 and 8.

Year 11 students receive training in coaching and mentoring skills, then work one to one with their student partner on a range of cross-curricular activities.

Leadership Enrichment Programme

Students at Settle College have been part of an enriched programme throughout the year where they have been challenged, inspired and encouraged to achieve their absolute best. This has been achieved in a number of ways including; developing deeper thinking skills, in-depth question and answer strategies and evolving the students’ leadership skills. The students have developed their leadership skills in a number of ways including leading student voice groups, being assigned group leaders within classes, working with younger students in English, peer coaching and officiating and umpiring in Sports.

Student Innovation Group

This Student Innovation Group is an integral part of Settle College life. Their biggest challenge is to promote innovation and inspiration. Currently they are working on an ‘Innovation Wall’ to encourage the development of a growth mind-set across the school.

SSAT Accreditation

We believe that students should be recognised for their leadership achievements. The SSAT (Specialist Schools and Academies trust) Student Leadership Accreditation is a formal way to champion and celebrate the leadership skills our students develop both in and out of school. Students are required to create a portfolio in which they gather and upload evidence to showcase their skills.  They then grade their work using a self-assessment framework covering ten core skills.  The portfolio is then moderated by students’ peers: a true ‘by students, for students’ award!  51 students are completing the programme this academic year.