See this helpful guide: Student Guide to Awarding Summer 21

Teacher Grades GCSE and A Level 2021

 Our Centre Policy for the awarding of teacher grades in summer 2021 can be found on our Policies page.

 Our Appeals Policy 2021 details what to do if you would like to appeal your grade. Please refer also to the Appeals Guidance from JCQ below.




How GCSEs, AS and A levels will be awarded in summer 2021

Please click the link for information on how general qualifications will be awarded this summer: Ofqual’s Infographic summer 2021


How Vocational and Technical Qualifications will be awarded in summer 2021

Please click the link for information on how general qualifications will be awarded this summer: Ofqual’s Infographic summer 2021



Most external exams are taken in May-June of the academic year, English and Maths GCSE re-sits are taken in November and some CTEC and Cambridge National exams in January. There are also internal/mock exams in December, January, March and June.

Timetables are provided for students with the date, room and time of their external exams. The timetable shows all the papers for which a student is entered. This information needs to be checked carefully by students and parents/carers. External exams MUST be taken at the scheduled time and date, except in the event of a clash.



Centre Assessed Grades

The Centre Assessed Grades Process

To be confirmed for Summer 2021

Consultations begin on arrangements for 2021

Ofqual and DfE have now published (15 January) consultations on how grades should be awarded for GCSE, AS and A Levels in summer 2021 and on alternative arrangements for the award of VTQs and other general qualifications in 2021.

Helpful Information for Exam Time


For information for Students and Parents/Carers, please see the Candidate exam handbook (2020-21 coming soon)

Exam time can be stressful – for tips on coping with exam stress and pressure, plus how to deal with pressure from your family and how to stop worrying about not getting the grades you need, have a look at Exams stress and pressure from Childline

Click here for a Handy Checklist to use before each exam

Click the links to view the Settle College Exam Rules and the JCQ Information for Written Exams

Click the link below to view Information for Candidates regarding the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) regulations for all types of external examinations: JCQ Information for Candidates


Exam Boards

Exam Boards

There are four main Exam Boards (also called Awarding Bodies) – AQA, Pearson Edexcel, OCR and WJEC. These Exam Boards all offer the full range of subjects, but the courses followed at Settle College are chosen from these Exam Boards by the Heads of Department. Students and parents can find further information by clicking on the links above.



A Level and GCSE Results Summer 2021

A Level Results Day: Tuesday 10th August 2021

GCSE Results Day: Thursday 12th August 2021

See this letter for more information Results Letter from S Murphy

Authorisation-for-Results-Collection If you are unable to collect results in person please complete this form.

Exam results are released throughout the year following each exam series.

Please note we will not be able to give out results by telephone or email. If students are not able to collect their results on the scheduled day, they can authorise someone to collect their results for them by completing the Authorisation for Results Collection form. We are not permitted to release results to a third party (including a parent) without this authorisation form plus proof of ID. Alternatively, students can bring a stamped self-addressed envelope to the Exams Officer before the end of the summer term and the results will be posted on the day of release.

Post-results Services

Post-results services, such as clerical checks and reviews of marking are offered by the exam boards – please see the Post results services booklet for details. Not available Summer 2020.

GCSE Grading

GCSE Grading

GCSE new grading scale: factsheets
Information about the new GCSE grades for parents, employers and further and higher education providers.



Certificates are issued when a GCSE/GCE/CTEC course has been completed in full. Certificates are not issued where a ‘U’ grade is awarded. Each Exam Board issues their own certificates once all post-results services have been completed, which is usually a couple of months after the results day. Certificates are handed out at Senior Prizegiving in December. If a student is unable to attend, they must arrange to collect from school.We are only legally obliged to hold these certificates for 12 months.  Students will need these for any courses/employment throughout their careers.  If certificates are lost it is the student’s responsibility to request replacement documents directly from the Exam Board, for which there is a charge of over £40 per qualification.

Who to seek help from on exam matters:

At Settle College, the exams officer is Mrs Rachel Ogden.
(01729) 822451 extension number 222