The Options process for current Year 9 students is now underway (current Year 10 students have already chosen and received their Year 11 offer, but we will send another confirmation prior to Easter).

Key Stage 4 Options booklet 2018-19 (Guidance for students currently in Year 9)

Year 9 Options Evening Powerpoint Presentation Jan 2018

At Settle College, our students commence their GCSE level studies at the start of Year 9. During the three year GCSE course, students will have the opportunity to select 4 options subjects, as follows:

Year 9 Offer (for current Year 8 students)

All students will aim to complete the following IT qualification which is equivalent to a GCSE.

  • Certificate in Digital Applications (CiDA)
    (Equivalent to GCSE grade A*-C)

Year 10/11 Offer (for current Year 9 students)

In each of Year 10 and 11, students select two subjects.  Our options offer is currently:

  • Art & Design GCSE (available 2018-19 only)
  • Business Studies GCSE (available 2018-19 only)
  • Design & Technology GCSE
  • Drama GCSE
  • Engineering BTEC
  • Food Preparation & Nutrition GCSE
  • French GCSE
  • Geography GCSE
  • History GCSE
  • IMedia GCSE
  • Music GCSE (available 2017-18 only)
  • Spanish GCSE

All option subjects will run subject to there being sufficient demand. Please note that it may not be possible to run an option subject if too few students choose it. The College reserves the right to make the final decision about availability of courses.


We believe our students are ready for the challenge and the demands of GCSEs from the start of Year 9. Completing one GCSE equivalent course by the end of Year 9 equips the students with the myriad of skills required for a successful conclusion to Key Stage 4.

By choosing different options each year, we have the opportunity to guide and steer our students towards appropriate qualifications, which will allow them to pursue future ambitions. As part of the options process, we interview all forthcoming Year 11 students, to assist with their choices and future plans.

As a small school, teaching students in Year 10 and 11 mixed age groups allows us to offer a wider range of more innovative choices to our students.  We always adopt a ‘best fit’ model when placing subjects in the Option Blocks, and in the event of a subject being over-subscribed, priority would be given to a student entering into Year 11.

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