Literacy and Numeracy Focus

Settle College is committed to developing the  literacy and numeracy  skills of every student.  Clearly these skills apply across all subjects and are not limited to English and Mathematics lessons.  As part of our policies for Literacy and Mathematics across the Curriculum, we publish a current “Focus” for both Literacy and Numeracy.  These are displayed and referred to during lessons in all subject areas, allowing teachers to concentrate on embedding specific skills.  The focus is updated every fortnight.

See below for details of the current focus for Literacy or Numeracy.  Click on the images to enlarge them.





(Literacy Focus - from previous weeks)



There their and theyre presentation and tests


Close Reading

Literacy Focus - Proof Reading

Literacy Focus – Exam Command Words

Literacy Focus – Synonyms

Litercy Focus - common exam command words

Lit Connectives Image

Subject Specific VocabTip Top Paragraphing




The Colon

Common Spelling Errors (PowerPoint)

Literacy Focus – Exam Command Words

Tip Top Paragraphs Jan16


Literacy Focus – Contractions

Literacy Focus – The correct use of speech marks Literacy Focus – The correct use of speech marks

Vocab Builder

Literacy focus different ways of starting sentences

Literacy focus – planning

Literacy Focus Spelling Strategies

(Numeracy Focus - from previous weeks)

10 MAC Fraction and Percentages 1

Angle Rules_Page_1 Angle Rules_Page_2

8 MAC Coordinates and Line graphs_Page_1 8 MAC Coordinates and Line graphs_Page_2
7 MAC Rounding and Estimating_Page_1 7 MAC Rounding and Estimating_Page_2

6 MAC Decimal Division

MAC - Decimals

Num Measures 1Num Measures 2

MAC Common Multiplication Methods

Rounding and Estimating 1Rounding and Estimating 2

Probability 1Probability 2


Standard Addition and Subtraction Methods

MAC Number SquareShort and Long Division

Angle Rules 1 Angle Rules 2


Circles - Pi DayFractions and Percentages


Naming Angles FDP Conversion

11 MAC Pi Day (Circles)