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Additional information on the curriculum can be obtained by contacting Mr Gareth Paisley (Acting Deputy Headteacher).


‘The curriculum, the quality of teaching and the wider enrichment experiences are impressive and results in very good examination outcomes’ Ofsted 2015

‘Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a key characteristic of the school’s work’ Ofsted 2015

‘The school’s curriculum is aspirational and inclusive’ Ofsted 2015

At Settle College we aim to provide a broad, balanced, exciting and relevant curriculum for all students. In Year 7 and 8 the curriculum focuses on the National Curriculum subjects taught by specialists in English, Maths, Science, Design and Technology, Languages, Computing, PE, Art, Geography, History, Music, Drama and PRCE. Student groupings are either setted or mixed ability appropriate to subject learning.

Ending Key Stage 3 in the summer of Year 8 allows for a three year Key Stage 4. In Year 9 students study one GCSE equivalent option and this is examined at the end of Year 9. All Year 9 students also begin GCSE courses in English, Maths & Science. In Year 10 and 11 we operate a ‘Stage not Age’ options system. In Year 10 students select 2 option subjects which they complete by the end of Year 10 and in Year 11 students can continue their GCSE/BTEC studies by opting for another 2 subjects. This enables students to select a total of 5 option subjects over three years, as well as studying GCSEs in English, Maths and Science over a period of 3 years ( Years 9-11).

Key Stage 3
Years 7 and 8

Year 7 Mapping 18-19

Year 8 Mapping 18-19

Key Stage 4
Year 9

Core subjects:
History and Geography
Personal, Religious & Citizenship Education (PRCE)
Languages (French and Spanish)

Students work towards a Certificate in Financial Education (CeFE), which is equivalent to a full GCSE.

Years 10 and 11

Core subjects:
Personal, Religious & Citizenship Education (PRCE)
Option subjects:
Students select two subjects from Product Design (GCSE), Graphics (GCSE), Catering (GCSE) Art (GCSE), Drama (GCSE), French (GCSE), Spanish (GCSE), Music (GCSE), History (GCSE), Geography (GCSE), PE (GCSE), Business Studies (GCSE), Engineering (BTEC), Creative iMedia (Vocational) and Computer Science (GCSE). (Not all subjects run every year.)

Subjects are taught in ‘Stage not Age’ groups (Year 10/11) and the courses are completed in one year with 10 lessons per fortnight. The qualifications are awarded in August.

Special Educational Needs

We have a highly respected team of Teaching Assistants led by Mrs J Lodge (SENCO). Their work has won recognition throughout North Yorkshire and beyond. We are able to offer support to students with a range of learning difficulties. Parents are invited to contact Mrs Lodge directly to discuss specific issues.

Most Able

At Settle College our aim is to raise aspirations and achievement for all of our students. We ensure differentiation in all learning and teaching programmes. Most able students are identified and have access to an enrichment programme which is challenging and supportive. Through our enrichment programme we expect all of our students, regardless of their ability, to develop lively, imaginative and enquiring minds.

Religious Education

Religious Education aims to make a distinctive contribution to students’ spiritual moral, social and cultural development. It can help students to value themselves, their families and their relationships and also to value the diversity of the communities and society in which they live. The key aim of the department is to enable students to reflect upon, develop and to affirm their own beliefs, values and attitudes through exploration of shared human experiences and by considering the place of religion within the contemporary world. Students have the opportunity to take GCSE Religious Education in Year 10.

Personal, Religious & Citizenship Education (PRCE)

PRCE is vital in the development of the whole person. Settle College follows the nationally agreed curriculum, which covers a wide range of topics designed to develop students’ sense of self and responsibility. Students explore their own physical and emotional development, covering issues such as adolescence, sex education and sexual health, drugs and alcohol abuse and emotional intelligence. They get the opportunity to discover their role in the wider world, looking at human rights, Government and the law. Further opportunity is given to study life skills, including money management, careers and preparation for work experience.

Citizenship is delivered primarily through PRCE lessons. Students learn to evaluate their rights and responsibilities, and are encouraged to apply them in their day to day behaviour, long term aspirations and concern for their community and the wider world. Students are ultimately asked to really consider what it is to be a ‘global citizen’. Opportunities for students to practically experience these ideas are currently in development with our global link schools.

British Values

See also our British Values page.


Our themed Assemblies are used to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural education programme.

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