School Re-opening Information Covid 19

Welcome Back to Settle College


Please read below for details about how we are keeping our community safe during the Covid 19 pandemic.

For national guidance, please refer to:

A useful parent leaflet is found here: 2020.08.24 _Schools_Secondary_A4Leaflet

Helpful Videos

Mr Whitaker and Mr Paisley have put together some helpful conversation style videos to explain how the new processes around school will work. Please watch whichever videos are relevant to yourself and your situation.

Video 1: Travel to School

Video 2: Moving Around School

Video 3: Break and Lunch

Video 4: Key Stage 3 Lessons

Video 4: Key Stage 4 and 5 Lessons

Video 6: Toilets and Handwashing

Video 7: Finding a Member of Staff

Video 8: If You Become Unwell

Video 9: Pastoral Support

Video 10: End of the School Day

Year 7, Video 1: Walking to the Bradley Building


Year 7, Video 2: In the Bradley Building


Year 7, Video 3: Walking to the Canteen

Year 7, Video 4: Canteen


Year 8, Video 1


Year 8, Video 2

Year 8, Video 3


Year 8, Video 4


Year 9, Video 1


Year 9, Video 2


Bubble Maps

The maps shown below show the routes each bubble (Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9) will need to use to make their way around the school site. Click on the image to open a pdf of the map.

Each map shows the route to take:

  • when arriving at school
  • when leaving school
  • to your teaching classroom
  • to and from the canteen
  • to the PE changing rooms

The outside area for each bubble is also highlighted.

Year 7 Map


Year 8 Map

Year 9 Map

Useful Information

Below you will find further useful information, including Frequently Asked Questions, and guidance on keeping yourselves safe.


What provision is the School making for online teaching in the event of further lockdown/school closure? 

All classrooms are set up to now provide live teaching should there be a local lockdown.

How does the School intend to communicate with parents and students in the event of an outbreak?

We shall seek advice as in the guidance from PHE. Whilst students are in bubbles, we shall have to ensure close work with them over any outbreak. This would then be communicated directly to parents through the form of a letter and text.

If a student presents at school with possible symptoms, e.g. a cough, what action will the School take?

Prior to closure we took a stance that if they were displaying symptoms in line with the virus, home would be called and the student collected. We have designated spaces for students with symptoms that shall be used.

What provision is the School making for teaching students who are self-isolating?

Where a student is self-isolating for the mandatory period of time, the attendance officer shall note their absences and ensure the work that is taking place in school on a day to day basis is provided for them via email.

When will students and staff be required to wear face masks? Will students and staff be permitted to wear face masks at other times? 

As with the Government change, we had always suggested staff and students can wear face coverings and visors whenever they wish. It shall now be mandatory to wear a face covering on school site in all public spaces.

If a student loses their face mask while at school, will the School provide a replacement mask, e.g. to enable the student to catch the bus home?

We have bought in disposable face coverings for this purpose, although we hope all students take care of their own and ensure they have them for travel.

Will there be hand sanitizer available in all classrooms? Will students be encouraged to use it regularly?

Hand sanitiser is available in all classrooms and main entrances. The expectation is that every time a student enters a new room, or they have been handling books etc. they shall sanitise.

How will lunches be managed? Will students be expected to bring packed lunches or will they have access to the canteen?  If so, how will canteen access be managed and how and how often will frequently used surfaces in the canteen be cleaned?

Student can bring packed lunches; the canteen however also remains open. This is to queue to then buy what they like with a face covering on and then file out to their area outside or in wet weather back to their teaching area. Bubbles have separate queueing areas, avoiding cross over and KS3 has a different lunchtime to KS4/5. Cleaning shall be between services; however this shall only be an area to pick up food and not sit or congregate. Staff in the canteen shall be behind screens or wearing face coverings.

Will homework be set online or will students be required to hand in work? If so, how will it be sanitized?

Where possible all homework and submitted work is best electronic. Where not, this shall be collected in and staff shall ensure they leave it for at least 48 hours possibly 72 hours, ahead of them marking it. This would then be the same process back and therefore hence the preference for electronic work.

Handwashing Guidance

Wearing a Face Covering Guidance


Settle College Covid Secure Arrangements Sept 2021


SETTLE COLLEGE Asymptomatic Testing in Secondary and Special Schools RA version 1.2
How to do your test COVID 19 – Instruction leaflet for schools

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Catch-up Premium

Settle College has received a Coronavirus (COVID 19) Catch-up Premium grant. Please see the following webpage for further information:

COVID-19 Catch-up Premium