Transition to Settle College

Welcome to Year 7 at Settle College!

We are delighted to be welcoming children who are starting at Settle College in September 2020.


Throughout your child’s time at primary school, we work closely with the primary school to ensure that the transition from primary to secondary school is made as easy as possible for your child. Working together, we can ensure the best support for your child.

For the second consecutive year we are oversubscribed and look forward to welcoming our new Year 6 intake even with schools’ closures due to coronavirus 19.

All documents associated with transition will be added to this webpage.


Click above to have a look around your new school with our fantastic 360° tour.


Important Dates

Start of Term: Wednesday 9th September 2020, 8.40am

Meet the Tutors Evening: Thursday 15th October 2020, (time tbc)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a transition day / transition evening?

The usual transition day and evening will not go ahead this year. Alternative arrangements are being made, and a welcome video is currently in production.

Will we be able to visit Settle College before September?

Current advice is that no transition visits should be made. Instead, we have created a virtual 360° tour which we will send out soon. Mrs Grimshaw, the SENCo, will be in touch with individual families where specific support or familiarisation is required.

Will my child be in a class with their friends?

The school’s transition team will be in contact with all year 6 students, and they will be asked who they would like to be in a class with. We will consider friendship groups when placing students in form groups.

When can my child and I meet their form tutor?

Once we have received all information from the primary schools we will put students in form groups. At that point the form tutor will make contact and introduce themselves. Your child will have time with their form tutor and classmates on the first day back. On October 15th we will hold a ‘meet the tutors’ evening where you can meet your child’s form tutor in person.

How/where/when can I buy my child’s uniform?

We have been in touch with our uniform suppliers and will send further details once the facility to buy online is in place.

What if I am unable to obtain the correct uniform before the start of term?

We will support any student if this becomes an issue.

How do I know which colour tie to buy?

When we have received all information from the primary schools and created the tutor groups, we will inform you of your child’s house – and therefore their tie colour.

How will the cancellation of SATs affect the class my child is placed in?

In year 7 it is only maths lessons that are ‘set’ by ability. The maths department are currently planning for this, and every year there is the option to move students between groups in the first term. Please be assured we are working closely with our primary colleagues to ensure students are placed in the class which best meets their needs

What support will my child receive in school?

We have a Head of Year 7 and a dedicated Student Services team who will support students in school. The students will get to know these key members of staff very soon. In addition, the SENCo is in regular contact with primary schools to identify any extra support required.

What are the arrangements for bus transport to school this year?

Further information regarding travel on in catchment school transport provided by North Yorkshire County Council can be found at the following link:

We are awaiting guidelines from the Department for Education and North Yorkshire linked to out of catchment transport. When we are fully informed, we will be sending out information separately.

Meet the Transition Team





Making friends

For incoming Year 7 students, the idea of making friends at Settle College can cause both excitement and worry. Friendships are important to us all throughout our lives, and having a good group of friends can really make a difference to our experiences of school.

You may be coming up to Settle College with a large group of friends from Primary School; you may know just a small number of friends; or you might know no one at all – yet! Whatever your situation, you will soon see why Settle College has a reputation for being such a friendly school, and your circle of friends will expand and change as the weeks go on. There are so many opportunities for new friendships to be formed. When you join the school in the Autumn, you will be offered various lunch and break time clubs, activities with your form and social events throughout the year.

School staff have a big role to play in heping you settle in to Settle College life, and we recognise that making friends is a crucial part of that. Mr Lord, your Head of Year will always be on hand, ensuring no one is left feeling unsure or alone. The Student Services Team, Mrs Isherwood and Mrs Lambert are also here to guide and support you if things get challenging, or you just need a friendly ear to listen to any worries you have.

Here is what some of last year’s Year 7 students have to say about making friends at Settle College:

“In form time, I’m with my best friend from primary school, but during the lessons I’m mixing with other pupils. This is a great way of making friends and interacting with others.” – Year 7 student

“First thing in the morning is form time which is a good time to get to know different people and do fun activities.”Year 7 student

“My favourite thing about Settle College is how social it is, everyone I have met has been friendly and kind.” – Year 7 student


Letters and Paperwork

Letter from J Lord 

Pen Portrait – Please fill in this form so we can get to know you. Send it to

Parent Information Pack – Your guide to starting Settle College.



Our Transition Strategies

Our Transition Strategies

  • We encourage additional visits to Settle College during the course of the school year and over the summer holidays to support transition for our more vulnerable students. This is pending due to the current pandemic.
  • Settle College Maths Department staff liaise with primary schools to devise numeracy-themed assemblies and activities for World Number Day.

Other transition events have included;

  • Design & Technology Workshops led by Settle College staff provide subject expertise in our feeder primary schools.
  • Primary students from Year 4,5, and 6 visit Settle College to participate in Science workshops in our Science labs.
  • Our Mini Olympics and Sports Leader programmes develop leadership skills in Settle College students whilst supporting sports development in primary schools.
  • There are Cluster Headteacher meetings every half-term, where good practice is shared across the primary and secondary phases.
  • Individual student meetings are held at primary schools for all primary students prior to transition, led by the Head of Year and SENCo.
  • Sixth Form students lead Maths workshops for the more able in Y7.
  • Year 7 Floodlight is carried out by Settle College staff and Y6 primary teachers to ensure students are moving forward in their learning from Year 6.
  • Settle College Senior staff visit primary schools to support transition.
  • CEOP’s E-safety awareness evening is hosted at Settle College, dates to be confirmed for parents and carers from all cluster schools.
  • Half termly meetings are held with the Headteacher of the largest local primary feeder school to discuss pastoral issues.
  • Aspirational targets are developed from KS2 SATs for all students.
  • Students from Year 11 carry out transition visits to local feeder primary schools to support the transition process.
  • Settle College Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher attend feeder primary school Year 6 parents’ evenings.
  • Year 7 students write letters to Year 6 students to prepare and reassure them about the process of transition to secondary school.
  • Primary schools have developed and shared portfolios of student work across all curriculum subjects to ensure consistency of quality, presentation and help support student progression through transition
Finding your way around school

It is common for new students to worry about getting lost around Settle College. It can seem like a big school, especially compared to some of the village Primary Schools some of you will be moving up from!

Actually, there are only two buildings that make up Settle College – the main school and the Bradley Building.

The main building is split into 3 areas –  Admin, Central and Top.

Admin is the group of classrooms around the School Reception area, including the library (A11), the Drama Studio (A3) and various computer rooms. Rooms in this area start with the letter A.

Central is at the centre of the school. This area is home to the Arts and Music departments (C14, C13 and C12), the DT department (C1, C2 and C3), and then following the corridor up – the Hall, Gym (C6) and changing rooms. These rooms start with the letter C.

Top is the ‘top’ of school, up the corridoor past the Gym. This is where you will find the Science department (T21, T22, T23), as well as Catering (T24), History (T14) and Geography (T11, T12). The Student Services Office is located here too. Rooms in this area start with the letter T.

All rooms in the Bradley Building start with the letter B. Downstairs in the Bradley Building (B1, B2, B3, B4) is the English Department, where your English lessons will be held. Upstairs (B11, B12, B13, B14) is the Maths department.

And that’s all there is to it!

Staff and older students will always help you out if you do find yourself a bit lost – so please just ask.

We also have a fantastic interactive 360° tour so you can familiarise yourself with the school before September!

At Settle College there are a variety of new lessons that I wasn’t taught at Primary. There are exciting ones, interesting ones and ones that might blow your mind! In science for example you can use fire or suck an egg into a cup!

— Student in Year 7

View our welcome video from Mr Whitaker here:

And the rest of the Transition team here: