Welcome to Year 7 at Settle College

The move from primary school surroundings to secondary school is a big step for students and an exciting challenge, alongside it being an opportunity for learning through new experiences, building upon the good work done in primary school and taking full advantage of the many opportunities that a larger school can offer. We make every effort to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible prior to students starting their first year at Settle College in September.

There are always many questions that arise when a child starts a new school and we hope that the ‘Start of Year Booklet’ will prove to be helpful in answering them. Our formula for success is based on a close partnership between school and home, such success is made possible by you, as a parent/carer, being aware of the routine of the school and the expectations we make of students.

If there are any issues about which you are unclear please do not hesitate to contact the Student Services Team.

Start of year booklet 2017 – 18

Important Dates

Wednesday 4th July 2018 – Transfer Evening – an opportunity for parents and students  to meet the College Principal, Form Tutors and other key staff, to prepare for the move to Settle College.
Thursday 5th July 2018 – Transfer Day – the opportunity for your son/daughter to spend the day in lessons and experience life at Settle College.
During September we hold our Open Day and Open Evening, when we welcome prospective parents and children to look round the College and talk to staff and students.  Dates can be found via the Events page.


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Our Transition Strategies

  • We encourage additional visits to Settle College during the course of the school year and over the summer holidays to support transition for our more vulnerable students.
  • Settle College Maths Department staff liaise with primary schools to devise numeracy-themed assemblies and activities for World Number Day.
  • Our annual Transfer Day and Evening is an opportunity for parents to share information and concerns and get to know the school routines.
  • Design & Technology Workshops led by Settle College staff provide subject expertise in our feeder primary schools.
  • Primary students from Year 4,5, and 6 visit Settle College to participate in Science workshops in our Science labs.
  • Our Mini Olympics and Sports Leader programmes develop leadership skills in Settle College students whilst supporting sports development in primary schools.
  • There are Cluster Headteacher meetings every half-term, where good practice is shared across the primary and secondary phases.
  • Individual student meetings are held at primary schools for all primary students prior to transition, led by the Y7 Learning Manager and Pastoral Officer.
  • At Transfer Evening we give out a Transition Work Book for the Summer holidays to maintain and support students’ literacy and numeracy. This cross-phase activity is used to support transition for Year 7 English, Maths and Science.
  • Sixth Form students lead Maths workshops for the more able in Y7.
  • Year 7 Floodlight is carried out by Settle College staff and Y6 primary teachers to ensure students are moving forward in their learning from Year 6.
  • Settle College Senior staff visit primary schools to support transition.
  • We are taking a cluster approach to Life after Levels, to ensure a consistent approach to assessment across the cluster schools. This is an on-going project this year.
  • Settle College English Department work with primary colleagues to focus on supporting students with Level 6 activities.
  • As part of transition, primary schools have provided examples of each student’s best piece of work, which is available to all Year 7 teachers to enable them to judge work quality.
  • CEOP’s E-safety awareness evening is hosted at Settle College during the autumn term for parents and carers from all cluster schools.
  • Half termly meetings are held with the Headteacher of the largest local primary feeder school to discuss pastoral issues.
  • Aspirational targets are developed from KS2 SATs for all students. CAT4 testing is completed during the autumn term to further support the benchmarking process.
  • Students from Year 11 carry out transition visits to local feeder primary schools to support the transition process.
  • Settle College Principal and Assistant Principal attend feeder primary school Year 6 parents’ evenings.
  • Year 7 students write letters to Year 6 students to prepare and reassure them about the process of transition to secondary school.

Future planned strategies for 2015-16

  • Introduction of the ‘Brilliant Club’ to provide further challenging opportunities, with University PHD students working with Year 7 students on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) projects.
  • Primary schools to develop and share portfolios of student work across all curriculum subjects to ensure consistency of quality, presentation and help support student progression through transition.