Excellent Work

This page will be used to showcase excellent work completed by students during our school closure.

Year 7

Beautifully presented ‘Baked Bean Challenge’ by a Year 7 student.

Look at this incredible drawing by a very talented Year 7 student!


Brilliant work here by Callum D. He has gone above and beyond requirements to produce this fantastic game.


Some fantastic work on poetry by a Year 7 student:

Poetry y7

Two very funny story from a Year 7 student:

Story y7

Narrative Story y7

A scary tale from another Year 7 student (don’t read on the third full moon of the year!):

English- Story of the 3rd moon

This beautifully presented book review:


Congratulations to Phoebe O for achieving 1st place on the Memrise Viva 1 Spanish leader board for the UK!

Exemplary work on creating a Spanish menu from a Year 7 student:



Excellent work from a Year 7 student:


Really interesting ideas here on this work on Sustainable Cities:

Another great sustainable city:

Well done to Year 7 students for their Antarctica stamp designs.

Congratulations also on this fantastic work on Africa, also from Year 7 students.

Year 8


Here is some great work on life as a Victorian child.

Victorian Life

Wonderful writing here from a Year 8 student, which had us all chuckling. Give that chid a trampoline!

Why I need a trampoline


Brilliant work on the Great War by a Year 8 student.

History work for school closure 2


An informative article about Coral Bleaching:

Newspaper article on Coral Bleaching

Clear and beautifully presented poster from a Yr 8 student:

Beautiful poster from a Year 8 student:

Fantastic work on Climate Change here from a Year 8 student.


A great poster from a Year 8 student:

Year 9


A beautiful cake by a talented Year 9 student



Great video from a Yr 9 student on corona virus:


A fantastic piece of work on DNA.