Options Subjects – Closure Resources

The table below gives information about the work being set for year 10 and 11 in the option subject areas, including the frequency at which work is being set.  There is also information about how the students should submit their work and the feedback they can expect to receive.


Subject Information about work set Frequency of setting work Marking expectations Any other relevant information
Business studies Students need to ensure all R065 and R066 coursework is submitted to SMU/EPA by Monday 30th March. This can be emailed or added to Edmodo.

Revision work for the R064 resit exam will begin with Learning Objective 1 and conclude with LO6 and a mock exam paper.

Weekly – Work will be set at the start of each week and it is expected to be completed by the end of the week. Students are to send R064 completed work via email. Comments will be made that highlight any major misunderstandings.

These will be emailed back.  Non-completion of work will be commented upon on ClassCharts.

Mr. Murphy will email a pdf version of the textbook and support can be found at www.businessed.co.uk
Computing Students are to complete their NEA & unit work, then a scenario will be set for preparation for their options next year (see Edmodo). NEA/final unit deadline – Friday 27th March.

Preparation work set and checked fortnightly.

Hand in on Edmodo.

Written feedback will be given.

DT Where possible, students should complete NEA elements, before moving onto revision activities in preparation for post-16 studies and retakes. NEA to be completed before Easter.

Weekly task set by teachers.

Students should send work to their teacher via Moodle or email.  
Financial capability (Y10 only those who passed units 1 and 2 in Y9) 1 x Unit 3 past paper with mark scheme and exemplars.

2 x Unit 3 past papers to be submitted

Up front with a long due date (which may be brought forward, as school re-opening details emerge). Also, the deadline may alter once we know the submission deadline for predicted grades. Submit (scan or photograph) by email to Miss Doyle and Miss Popa a best attempt for each of the two Unit 3 past papers.

Deadline 29/6

Awaiting confirmation from the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) about the awarding of qualifications.
Geography All students will be completing the final units of the GCSE, Hot deserts and Economic World. A booklet and resources will be sent for students to work through at their own pace. Exam questions marked and booklets checked. Revision when all units completed.  Resources to support will be sent out at the appropriate time.  Year 11 will also be provided with work to support those going on to study at A-level.
History Elizabethan England – work needed to complete the unit has been sent via Class Charts and email.

Superpower Relations – work is being set on a regular basis on Class Charts.

Any work students want checking can be sent to the relevant class teacher. Past papers and mark schemes will be added to Class Charts for those who think they might want to do exams in the future.
Music Students have been set tasks for the remaining history and set works topics for the listening paper. Work will be set on a weekly basis, with enough tasks to cover the weekly allocation of lessons. Self-mark; Mrs Robertson will send out answers as needed.

One task every two weeks will be identified as the task to email Mrs Robertson for marking.

GCSE PE/Sport science Work will be set via ClassCharts. Students are to use information on the OneDrive to continue exam preparation. Weekly, with revision also to be completed. Teacher will set exam style questions to be submitted via email.  
RS (Y10 GCSE only) All GCSE candidates have been emailed tasks required to complete the course. Sufficient work has been set to cover lessons missed up to the start of summer term.

Further work will be set on the 20th of April and fortnightly thereafter.

Work should be completed in word documents and emailed as attachments to Mr Wiggans. This may be subject to change as more information becomes available from the exam boards.
Spanish All students have been sent a photo card booklet, roleplay booklet, general conversation booklet, reading booklet and writing/translation booklet on outlook.  All students have access to Kerboodle to complete the course. On the days where students were due to have the lesson.


Photocard/roleplay/reading and writing booklets have model answers and answers to self-assess.

Send questions to your teacher for marking when complete.




Business Studies at KS4 is via the Enterprise and Marketing – Cambridge National platform

Mr Murphy’s class:
All resources for RO66 coursework are found on p:drive under Business and Cambridge National.  The resources here are for the tasks we have completed so far.  Also in the file will be the checklist showing the work we have done so far for R066 (Task 1 and Task 2).  I will communicate with you via email.  If you need advice and guidance, visit www.businessed.co.uk.  Click on the theory notes tab, Cambridge National and then Enterprise and Marketing.

Mrs Partridge’s class:
Mrs Partridge will continue to use Edmodo to show you the tasks done so far and your progress. Keep looking at this and use www.businessed.co.uk too.


All lessons are on Edmodo. In the event of school closure, we will set lessons for students to complete and submit from home. Useful links:



All resources are on the school’s Moodle site. Recommended websites:


All resources are on the school’s Moodle site. Recommended websites:




Students should work on revision of topics already covered using their books, any revision guides they have, GCSE Pod and Seneca. Our course is Edexcel 9-1 History.

Additional work will be set using Class Charts or via email.


All lessons are on Edmodo. In the event of school closure, we will set lessons for students to complete and submit from home.
Useful links: SharePoint (link will go on Edmodo)


Tasks will be set via student email and Soundtrap if applicable.


Tasks will be set via Showbie. Students will need to set up an account. Email Mr Ellis if any problems. mailto:R.Ellis@settlecollege.n-yorks.sch.uk


All Year 10 GCSE students have been issued with a revision guide which contains everything necessary to prepare for the exams. In the event of school closure further resources will be made available for all Year 9 and 10 students via classcharts.

Past papers and mark schemes can be found as follows: https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/home.html
Follow links for: GCSE, Religious Studies B, Papers:
1B (Religion and Ethics through Christianity)
2C (Religion, Peace and Conflict through Islam)

Useful clips can also be located at: www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize


  • GCSE Kerboodle (Students have passwords).
  • All students (French + Spanish) can work on Memrise for their vocabulary.