KS5 Chemistry

AS and A-Level

Awarding Body
All students will be following the OCR Chemistry A course.  The new course is a more  content-led approach, with each section covering different key concepts of Chemistry.  As well as the A-level, the course will include a non-exam assessed “Practical Endorsement in Chemistry”, which is reported separately.

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Subject staff
Miss J Nutter (Assistant Headteacher), Mr M Langan (Subject Leader Science)

Student Comments
“Chemistry broadens the mind and helps you to develop an understanding of the world around you.”
“Chemistry is a good choice because it links to so many other subjects and is useful for Higher Education.”
“Chemistry is challenging and I enjoy the practical work.”

Course Requirements
5 GCSEs at grade 5 or above, which must include:
GCSE Combined Science (Grade 6-6 or above) & Maths (Grade 6 or above)
Chemistry & Maths (both Grade 6 or above)
Science 2 KS5

Course Description

Chemistry looks at the material world around us. Almost everything that we touch or use is made by chemists, including fibres and dyes in clothes, medicines, agrochemicals, fuels, plastics and metals. Chemists also research new ways of minimising human impact on the environment.  An A-level Chemistry course gives a good grounding in the ideas and models that underlie all of these enterprises.

An A Level Chemistry course expands on the Chemistry work done in GCSE Science, but also introduces new ideas. A significant amount of the timetable is allocated to practical work, with many new skills to learn and refine. Progress in Chemistry at this level requires good study skills, hard work and determination.

At A Level there are two 135-minute exams and one 90-minute.

A Post-16 qualification in Chemistry is useful and sometimes essential for University courses in medicine, nursing, veterinary medicine, dentistry and physiotherapy.  It is useful for engineering, food technology, geology and, of course, many science-based courses. All Universities look favourably on Chemistry, when taken in combination with arts and humanities subjects due to the skills it helps you to develop. There are many job opportunities for people with qualifications in Chemistry. Chemists work in industries, Universities and in public services such as environmental health or monitoring.