KS5 Biology

Salter’s Nuffield A-Level Biology (SNAB)

Awarding Body

Useful Websites

Subject Staff
Ms F Morphet, Dr H Williets

Course Requirements

5 GCSEs at grade C/5 or above, which must include:
GCSE Combined Science (Grade 6-6 or above) & Maths (Grade 6 or above)
Biology & Chemistry & Maths (all Grade 6 or above)

Student Comment
“Biology is an interesting, context led course that has allowed me to gain knowledge of a wide variety of scientific principles and is excellent preparation for university.”
“I have found A level Biology completely different from GCSE, it allows you to develop and pursue your own personal interests in independent projects and coursework.”
“AS level Biology has allowed me to go into more depth and explore biology more than ever before and I have found it fascinating.”

Science Bio KS5 1Course Description
The course we follow is the Salters-Nuffield A-Level Biology course (SNAB).  The Salters-Nuffield (SNAB) course uses a series of contexts and on-line resources to provide an engaging approach to Biology.

The topics covered at AS-Level are:

Topic 1: Lifestyle, Health and Risk;
Topic 2: Genes and Health;
Topic 3: Voice of the Genome
Topic 4: Biodiversity and Natural Resources.

The topics covered at A-Level are:

Topic 5: On the wild side;
Topic 6: Immunity, Infection and Forensics;
Topic 7: Run for your life;
Topic 8: Grey Matter.

Assessment Procedure
At AS level there are two exams, each 90 minutes long. Both exams will have questions on the core practicals.  There is no controlled assessment; however, practical competencies are assessed throughout the two years of the full Biology A-Level and reported alongside the A-Level grade.  Mathematical skills will make up 10% of the assessment.

At A-Level, there are three exams, with a total of six hours of examined time.  These exams cover all four AS units and the additional four A-Level units.

Biology can be used as an entry qualification for a wide range of science and non-science courses at Colleges and Universities.  Biology is clearly recommended for degree courses in Medicine, Sports Science, Genetics, Food Technology, Environmental Sciences, Biochemistry, Psychology, Biotechnology, Forensic Science and many other biological subjects.

Science Bio KS5 3