Exam Results

According to the DFE website, there is no similar school within a 75 mile radius that is statistically performing better than Settle College.

Sustained Improvement in GCSE Results Recognised in the House of Commons

We had the honour of being one of 12 secondary schools in the north of the country who were asked to write an article for The Education Parliamentary Review.  This booklet was launched at a gala reception at the House of Commons on Friday 23rd September 2016 and sent to every secondary school in the country.

GCSE Results 2016

Many congratulations to the dedicated and determined Year 11 students who produced a set of GCSE results which even surpassed the last two bumper years. Their outcomes are a testament to all concerned. The DFE Performance Tables for Settle College’s 2016 results can be obtained by following the link below.

Headline News

  • During a period of unprecedented volatility our results showed improvement in both attainment and progress this year.
  • In 2016 we were in the top 5% for GCSE progress. This means our progress has been within the top 10% for three consecutive years.  Progress in recent years has been recognised with an SSAT Educational Outcomes Award.
  • A*-C in English was 88% (based on the new measure of the best of English Literature and English Language counting towards the League Tables). This compares very favourably with the national figure of 74%. For the first time, boys’ performace marginally exceeded the girls’ which bucks the national trend.
  • A*-C in Maths rose again in 2016 to 82%. This greatly exceeded the national figure of 68%.
  • 75% of students achieved the new ‘basics’ measure of achieving a grade C or above in both English and Maths. The comparable national figure for 2016 is 58%.
  • In 2016, 30% of students at Settle College achieved the EBacc, a figure well above the national average of 23%.

 Key Achievements

  • 5 A*-C including English and Maths: 73%. The comparable national figure for 2016 is 53%.
  • Attainment 8: 55 (Settle College 2015: 53, National 2016: 49). The average grade per student based on their best 8 qualifications was B-.
  • Progress 8: 0.56 (Settle College 2015: 0.50, National 2016: 0.00).
    This means that students perform at an average of over half a grade better per subject than those with a similar secondary school starting position. The DFE considers progress of +0.5 or better as “well above average” (the top classification category).
  • This score of 0.56 is better than the score of 87% of schools rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted, and 98% of those rated “good”.
  • A*-C English (best of Language and Literature): 88%, National 2016: 74%.
  • A*-C English Language: 77% (Settle College 2015: 74%, National 2016: 68%)
  • A*-C Maths: 82% (Settle College 2015: 81%, National 2016: 68%)
  • ‘Basics’ (C+ in both English and Maths): 75% (Settle College 2015: 69%, National 2016: 58%)


  • 100% Education, Employment or Training


‘A’ Level Results 2016

2016 results once again continued the trend of improvement, with 64% of students achieving A*-B or equivalent; a further improvement of 8% on 2015’s result.

All students who had applied for further education courses in 2016 were successful.

Headline News

  • 64% of students achieved A*, A, and B and equivalent grades.
  • 35% of students achieved A* and A grades, which is significantly above the national average.
  • The majority of entries were in the facilitating A-Level subjects.
  • The A*-E pass rate was 100%.
  • In the Extended Project Qualification, 73% of grades were A*/A. This qualification enhances students’ study and research skills and is excellent preparation for University
  • Across English, Maths, Geography and History, 72% of grades were A*, A or B and 43% of grades were A* or A.

Details from the DfE:

  • The average grade at KS5 study for the 2016 year: C+.
  • Student retention for A level core aims and Academic core aims: 98%.
  • Student retention for Applied general core aims: 86%.
  • Student retention at Tech level core aims : 50% (Only accounts for two students – one student taking only the Year 12).
  • Student destinations : 100% of those students leaving in 2016 gained a place at University, College, Apprenticeship/Employment. Click here to view Destinations.
  • Progress made in Maths GCSE resits for 8 students was 0.50: Nationally this was -0.13.
  • Comparing English resit data to National – 100% of students achieved at a C grade following their retake compared to 26.9% Nationally (2016 comparisons).
  • Comparing Maths resit data to National – 100% of students achieved at a C grade following their retake compared to 29.5% Nationally (2016 comparisons).

For more information see the 16-18 Performance Tables 2016.