GCSE Success

A personal approach leads to great outcomes by Settle College students      


This Summer has seen unprecedented change for those receiving exam results, both last week for A levels and today for GCSE. We are very pleased with the decisions made for students nationally and especially for those of Settle College. Headteacher, Gareth Whitaker, said ‘We are so proud of the students who received their GCSE results today, having had to cut their courses short they have continued to show determination and resilience through this period, completing work and liaising with their teachers, with a belief of how well the teachers know them academically. We take great pride in being able to meet the needs of all of our students. These results reflect the high standards of learning and teaching at Settle College and the hard work and dedication of staff, students and their families working together, with careful monitoring in house throughout the year. We are delighted that many of our students will continue their studies into the Sixth Form, but we also wish those students going onto College courses, other Sixth Forms and apprenticeships every success for a positive future, where they can make a difference’.

Results were shared electronically by the school as soon as available this morning, followed by students receiving a call by the Senior Leadership team and other key Heads of Department. Harry Mathew who is continuing to study at Settle College in the Sixth Form and achieved the top grades in all his subjects this year said, ‘I’m really happy with my results. It’s great to see all the good work we put in has paid off.’ Other students who will continue to study at the College include Mar Barclay who spoke of the difficulties this year, ‘Even though this has been a difficult year, and it would have been, even without the virus, I am really happy with my results and cannot thank the teachers enough for the support they gave me throughout the GCSE course.’ Mar goes on to study English Literature, history and psychology. Harris Dinsdale moving into the Sixth Form shared the following, ‘I am really pleased with my results and thankful to Settle College for trying to make this year like any other. I hope everyone else received the grades they needed to move forward. No exam panicking is one positive we can take from this year!”. Harry Wills spoke of the support he received from his teachers throughout the years and the way he was pushed to strive for excellence and surpass his own expectations. He also thanked his peers, who have helped him get through tough times over the years which he is very thankful for. Ethan Cross is quoted saying “I’m really happy at how everything’s turned out and would like to thank all the teachers that helped me achieve these grades even if it wasn’t through conventional means’. Will Maudsley said, “I’m so happy and proud of my results, and I know I couldn’t have done it without all the help and time given from my teachers and my friends. Thank you to all the staff at Settle College for all the guidance and help they’ve given me in the past 5 years”. A final quote from Joshua Harland who is moving on to study at Clitheroe Grammar School, said, ‘Settle has helped me to achieve fantastic results despite the lockdown. The staff are incredible and have helped me every step of the way”. Rebecca Dunwell says “I’m really pleased with my results this year and I’m so grateful for all the help my teachers have given me, I couldn’t have done it without them. Thankfully, I’ve achieved the grades I need to pursue all my favourite subjects and I can’t wait to start sixth form in September”.

The overall feeling from students was that of delight and relief knowing that they have benefited from a personalised learning approach and that their grades reflected their overall assessment and work monitored by staff, with a large cohort staying on to study at the College in Sixth Form, whilst others have a wide variety of other courses they are going on to study and apprenticeships, heading out to Leeds College, Myerscough to study L3 motorsport, Craven College, Newton Rigg, Skipton Girls High School, Ermysteds and Clitheroe Grammar School.

For students looking to go onto study A levels at the College enrolment began straight after the students collected their results, for anyone else interested please get in touch with our Head of Sixth Form, Mr Simon Murphy on s.murphy@settlecollege.n-yorks.sch.uk




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