Settle College Students Celebrate GCSE Results

Following A Level success last week, Settle College is again celebrating some excellent GCSE results.

Harry Wilson, who gained grade 7s in English Language and Maths, with As in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business and Geography, said, “I am thrilled with my grades I have tirelessly worked for this year and express my gratitude towards the teachers at Settle College for helping me achieve my goal.”

Harry is one of many students whose hard work paid off this year, including Thomas Rayner who is looking forward to continuing his sixth form studies at Settle College. “I’m very pleased about my results,” he said, “I’m going to start my sixth form course at Settle College with results I’m happy with.”

Meghan Glover dealt with the pressure of the new exams and said, “I’m really happy with my results. The exam experience was good overall and I had good support from the College.”

As well as a high proportion of students achieving the new threshold of grade 4 in English and Maths, there was a very pleasing number of students achieving the top grades of 7, 8 and 9, with 20% of students gaining these grades in English and 16% in Maths.

“We are delighted that so many of our students performed so well in these very challenging exams,” said Executive Headteacher, Andrew Taylor. “At Settle College we focus on the individual and the progress they make since starting the college. Whilst attainment headline figures are important, they only partially reflect the success of schools. Our past year 11 students have made excellent progress across the board and should be very proud of themselves. There is no doubt that, as in previous years, the overall performance of the college will be above the national expectation. I would like to thank all stakeholders for their continued support and dedication.”

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