Settle College Sixth Form Skills Day

On July 7th some of the members of Year 11 (Sixth Form to be) took part in a Sixth Form Skills Day to introduce them to life in Sixth Form, and also the possible prospects of University and the challenges it may bring.
The day began with Mr. Whitaker taking us through a crash course on growth mind-set and outlook on life, helping us to identify whether we have a fixed mind-set or a growth mind-set. The session helped us to look at the way we learn, analysing how we can best prepare ourselves for A Levels, how to stay organised and up to date with our  courses and how to come out with the best results possible.
After Mr. Whitaker’s section, we were introduced to two representatives from Northumbria University who were offering two workshops. The first workshop began with an interactive quiz where we were asked questions about A Levels and University life and we had to choose true or false, sitting down if we got the answer wrong; it was a fun way to learn what is myth and lies and what really is true when looking at higher education. We then followed on looking at the skills we have already, either through school or the hobbies in which we partake, and how they can help us in everyday life and situations and how to apply them.
After lunch we launched into the second workshop, looking at the specific A Levels required for University courses. There was a quick quiz on the likelihood of being accepted into each University course, as well as details around what each course entails; it was good fun trying to guess the success rate of applicants. It did give us a vast amount of helpful knowledge on what’s to come.
The last event of the day was a quick fire Q and A session, answering any burning questions we had – these ranged from an enquiry into the “banter levels” of tutors at University, to what to do if you dislike your chosen University course.
All in all, I’m sure everyone who attended would agree it was a very helpful, interesting, and useful day with a laid-back, enjoyable atmosphere – a definite success!

Evie Henshaw
Year 11

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