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YE1The Young Enterprise group took part in the Craven area final held at Skipton Building Society Head Office on Wednesday 18th March.

This year the group comprised twelve keen Year 12 students and the final product was a Continental Cookbook containing recipe ideas from around the world. The process started in October and has involved us raising capital for the enterprise and selling products at a Christmas Market in Harrogate. We were supported by Mr Murphy and Mr S. McNamara from Skipton Building Society.

During the final we had to set up a trade stand which highlighted our product idea and showed the types of meals that could be made from our recipes. We were grilled by 4 regional business experts including the Operations Director at Skipton Building Society. The questions were tough but we feel we handled ourselves well.

Due to the difficulties in arriving on time we were unable to practise our presentation and so we had to go into the presentation without a rehearsal which made us even more nervous. However, the presentation itself went really well and we did not use cue cards as we were clear about the product and we wanted to show our passion for our company.

After a nervous wait we were delighted to receive the award for ‘Best Communication and Teamwork’ based on how we performed on the night and from our presentation.

Even though we did not progress to the Yorkshire final, we have learnt a great deal about running a business, from dealing with setbacks to how to sell to customers. We will continue the business until June and the aim now is to sell the cookbooks that we have produced.


We would recommend to any Year 11 pupils coming to the 6th form next year to be involved in this excellent opportunity as it increases your confidence and makes you become a team player.

Eleanor Sharp
Managing Director
Please keep an eye out for the reasonably priced Continental Cookbook available soon in school priced £7.95.

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Luke Robert Allan

24th March, 2015 at 11:02pm

Congratulations!!! I am proud so proud to read this, it reminds me of last year when I was Managing Director for Horizon and we won ‘Best Financial Management’ and I was so proud of my fellow directors.

Well done to all of you and I hope you had/have a great time with this!!!

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