Parent Partnership Group Feedback

Our Parent Partnership Group met on Thursday 11th December, and parents commented on:

  • The ‘fantastic support’ teachers have given to their child since he started in October.
  • The ‘amazing amount’ staff are doing, and the ‘detailed feedback’ they are giving. Parents said that this has helped their child/children to progress at a faster pace.
  • The accuracy of the subject detail in Moodle and the support it gives to the students.
  • Year 11 Parents’ Evening was successful as the teachers gave very detailed feedback, and stayed behind even if parents were late.
  • Silver Stickers – parents have been signing, but have not seen work from all subjects yet. However, they love the concept as they can see the progress made and can support their child if needed.
  • Parents commented on the curriculum being very broad and balanced. They support the ‘stage not age’ curriculum as it reduces the pressures of revision and achievement in Year 11 as students will have already completed 3 GCSEs in previous years.

The Parent Partnership Group provides an opportunity for parents to give their views, and so help to shape College policies through open discussion with the Principal and other senior members of staff.
If you’re interested in joining, please contact Mrs Shutes (Principal’s PA) for more details.

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