Year 11 National Champions Girls’ Rugby League

Y11 Rugby Final Castleford-hurrayTuesday 29th April 2014 saw the year 11 Settle College Girls Rugby team walk of out the tunnel at Castleford Tigers Rugby ground to compete in the Carnegie Rugby League National final. The girls were sporting their new white rugby kit which they were awarded on becoming Yorkshire champions. As the girls’ names were announced one by one, the cheers from the crowd were incredible – support from parents, governors and teachers was fantastic.

Emotions were running highly and the true team spirit of the team shone through right from the beginning of the game against St. Peters and St. Pauls.  In the first half both teams displayed outstanding passing abilities and utter determination through the various difficult tackles. The supporters were literally biting their nails as they watched from the side-lines. The referee blew for half time and it was nil – nil.

Settle College took a seat on the pitch and whilst re-hydrating themselves with water they listened to an intense team talk from Miss Vickery. The girls knew what they had to do and as long as they wanted it enough they would be crowned champions.  The second half began, and after a quick switch of play Alice Jones scored an amazing try on the right hand side of the pitch. The crowd roared with excitement and the girls celebrated with jumps and cheers. Niamh Benson took her position ready to convert which was done with style. The girls were now in the zone and not long after a second try was scored by the rapid Lucy Dean, again successfully converted, this time by Emily Campbell.

In the final stages of the match the girls were still fighting and the third try came after an awesome run from Jasmine Pennett. The noise from the crowd was astonishing.  St. Peters and St. Pauls were an excellent side and did not give Settle College an inch. They went on to score a try in the closing stages of the game, proving what determination and grit they had.

As the referee blew his whistle to signal the end of the game, the realisation that Settle College had just become National champions hit the students. They had just won a NATIONAL competition! Celebrations did not begin until they had shock hands with the opposition and congratulated one another. The girls played amazingly in all the tournaments to get to the final and being crowned National Champions 2014 is the absolute icing on the cake.

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